In todays climate, there is not a single place of business that doesn't need an active shooter or work place violence incident plan.

Adams Direct Consulting (ADC) is a consulting company offering safety solutions to private organizations, businesses and the public. Our platform is dedicated and committed to offering awareness trainings, threat assessments, seminars and much more. We strive to bridge the gap of identifying potential threats and hazards.

At Adams Direct Consulting, your security is our business. Enhance the safety and security of your workforce. Find out how our Threat Mitigation technology and training can ensure better public and employee safety at your place of business. Reach out to our team today. 

ADC security consultants is a vital component  in any security set-up; ADC security professionals, is responsible for carrying out threat assessments, attempting to mitigate risk to clients as well as performing security vulnerability assessments. 


Vulnerability assessment


Carrying out risk assessments effectively means being able to predict where possible breaches of security can occur. Identifying these weak points and carrying out the necessary measures in order to secure them, often means stomping out a security breach pre-emptively and saving much unnecessary grief.


Threat assessment


A threat assessment is similar to that of a vulnerability assessment, only instead of looking at where your security system is most vulnerable; it looks at who or what poses the biggest threat to your facility. If a proper threat assessment is carried, the security team will know exactly what to look out for in terms of threats. This allows all security personnel to quickly pinpoint and diffuse any threatening situations.


Mitigating risk


If the above two assessments are carried out effectively and successfully then the mitigation of risk should largely be taken care of. 


Communication skills


This is just as important as all three of the above skills. ADC security consultant will assist relaying information to all security personnel so that no harm comes to any employee. At ADC we constantly liaise with your company in order to keep you in the ‘know’ with what’s happening security wise.


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