• Threat assessments and audits

  • Facilitate employee and supervisory training

  • Develop reports

  • Work independently to provide on-site Security and Safety support

  • Communicate with clients and people of varying levels of professionalism, education, etc.

  • Develop and implement security and safety programs

  • Analyze data and produce meaningful reports and make recommendations

  • Plan and organize service requests to meet target dates and production goals

  • Vulnerability assessments 

  • Public safety and awareness

  • Risk and Safety Assessments

  • Active Shooter Preparation Training

  • Active Threat Scenario Training

  • Crisis Management Training

  • Safety in the Community Training

  • Evaluate Workplace Safety

What we offer
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What we do


ADC provide periodic inspections of the workplace. We also check the personal protective equipment (PPE) provided for employees and look for the proper placement of warning signs throughout the workplace. Once we make the initial inspection, we would  provide a list of safety issues to the management team. The safety consultant will also provide a list of specific procedures the management team can perform to remedy problems.


Provide Safety Training


ADC offer training to employees in a variety of safety concerns. For example, The initial workplace safety evaluation often indicates what type of safety training is best for a particular workplace environment. After all the employees receive the necessary training, ADC spend additional time with a designated employee giving them additional training so they can teach the safety lessons to any new hires.


Develop Safety Manuals


ADC can also create or assist with updating your workplace safety manual or protocols. We will work with the management team in reviewing the safety manual details and revising the  company’s role in maintaining workplace safety. Any specific plans, such as active shooter/killer incidents, will be included in the manual. The manual might also specify the type of training each employee needs. The safety manual often becomes part of the human resources packet given to all employees to help them follow proper safety procedures on the job.

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