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At Adams Direct Consulting, we use technology to lower workplace violence incident rates. Using our world-first Threat Mitigation (TM) app, we offer businesses the opportunity to monitor suspicious incidents and possible precursors to workplace violence in real-time.


How the Threat Mitigation (TM) App Works

In many cases, employees on the ground will notice behavioral changes in colleagues ahead of senior managers. However, many feel reluctant to ‘rock the boat’ by reporting incidents. The ADC Threat Mitigation app changes this.

After businesses subscribe to the ADC Threat Mitigation (TM) service, the TM app is made available for download to all company employees. Once downloaded, employees can anonymously report concerns to senior managers. 


Causes of workplace violence vary. However, there are almost always early warning signs. These can include:


  • Employee mood swings 

  • Sudden changes in employee behavior 

  • Suspected drug and alcohol misuse 

  • Declined employee job performance and unexplained absenteeism 

  • Dramatic changes in broader workplace dynamics

  • Persistent complaining

  • Suspected depression and paranoia 

  • Employee negligence and violation of company policies 


Combating Professional Discretion with Anonymous Incident Reporting


Because data gathered by the TM app is end to end encrypted, employees avail themselves of concerns surrounding possible repercussions when reporting incidents.


  • Gathered data allows senior managers to monitor workplace violence early warning signs in real time

  • Where necessary, preventative steps can then be taken to investigate matters thoroughly, before violent incidents occur

  • Using the TM app to compliment an existing workplace physical security policy, can help deter violent incidents and workplace microaggressions 













Risk Mitigation Scalable to all Industry Sectors 


Workplace violence statistics consistently demonstrate that Government, Health, and Education employees, are more likely to become victims of workplace violence than other groups. In such contexts, members of the public are more likely to instigate violence than work colleagues.


Scalable to the needs of any industry, the TM app allows users across industry sectors to file incident reports concerning any suspicious workplace event. 

In every respect, the TM app is designed to be your organization's eyes an ears on the ground. At Adams Direct Consulting, our trained security personnel can also help users interpret TM app data, identify potential dangers, and react accordingly.


Reportable events can include:

  • Altercations with members of the public

  • Troubling behavioral changes in students on campus

  • Suspicious activity observed in and around workplaces


Using Big Data to Achieve Total Security  


Adams Direct Consulting pairs several years of law enforcement experience with state-of-the-art intelligence-based technology solutions. In doing so, we streamline businesses ability to track reportable incidents in real-time. Specifically, conflicts, microaggressions, and suspicious activity, which can otherwise escalate into more serious acts of violence. 


Smarter Security is Total Security


At Adams Direct Consulting, your security is our business. Enhance the safety and security of your workforce. Find out how our Threat Mitigation technology can ensure better public and employee safety at your place of business, by reaching out to our team today. 

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