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Workplace violence is on the increase. According to workplace violence statistics from the U.S. National Safety Council, 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence each year. Causes vary. However, unprovoked attacks while working are endemic across all industry sectors.     


About Adams Direct Consulting


Security is everyone’s concern. As well as physical harm to individuals, workplace violence can result in costly compensation claims. For this reason, employers across all industry sectors need to be proactive in terms of risk mitigation and constant workplace security monitoring.


At Adams Direct Consulting, we use technology to lower workplace violence incident rates. Using our world-first Threat Mitigation (TM) app, we offer businesses the opportunity to monitor suspicious incidents and possible precursors to workplace violence in real-time.



Founder's Bio

Richard Adams is a Public Safety Executive Officer, who has over a decade of experience in law enforcement, with a distinctive ability to maintain safety of public and private environments.

As a highly talented professional and accomplished officer, Richard practices a streamlined and intuitive approach to handling his duties, which rests on empathy, efficiency, and astute problem solving. He effectively prevents and contains all forms of civil unrest and community violence, while developing measures to assure personnel safety. Born and raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Miami, and having witnessed murders, riots and drug sales, Richard truly understands what it means to feel unsafe and consistently strives to make a difference and help his community. He has led investigations with the FBI, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security and the Inspector General’s Office for high profile investigations. Over the years, Richard has gained solid backgrounds in anti-terrorism and criminal intelligence, with vast occupational hazards and safety precautions knowledge. He has also maximized his experience in information technology and community relations, which he leverages in overseeing and maintaining physical security, access control, protection of life and property, and crime prevention actions. Richard was part of the team that oversaw the exclusive protection and security of 15 members of the United States Congress from Washington D.C. for a South Florida Conference and was honored a proclamation for developing (COPA) Community on Patrol Mobile Application along with a Life Saving Award for rescuing a 3-year-old drowning victim. His major strength is his ability to maintain high-level security through effective patrols, swift emergency assistance, and productive collaborations with other law enforcement agencies and personnel. This has earned him several commendations and a high reputation within the safety and security field.

Richard is innovative and self-motivated, always bringing his energy, knowledge and commitment of excellence to accomplish his aspirations. In 2017, He consulted for the country of Trinidad and Tobago Secretary of National Security regarding Public safety and community policing and was a keynote speaker at the (IACP) International Association Chiefs of Police conference in Aruba. Richard is fully focused on integrating his skillsets and diverse experiences to impact on private and government organizations. Outside the professional sphere, he enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

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