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Use this app as a platform to mitigate internal organizational threats.

The Threat Mitigation mobile app provides a platform to citizens to submit text or media of suspicious activity along with any kind of Tips to the admin/sub-admin.

Admin/sub admin managers will assign the investigation process and update the Tip with the necessary action taken.

Find out how our Threat Mitigation technology can make your business more secure ? 

In many cases it is the employees themselves who begin to notice changes in their coworkers, however, there are very few cases that are reported for fear of some kind of consequence.

These behaviors change with our app "The ADC Threat Mitigation"

Once companies subscribe to the ADC Threat Mitigation (TM) service, the TM application is available to all employees of the company for download. Once downloaded, employees can anonymously report concerns to managers.


Putting together a comprehensive emergency action plan that deals with those issues specific to your worksite is not difficult. It involves taking what was learned from your workplace evaluation and describing how employees will respond to different types of emergencies, taking into account your specific worksite layout, structural features, and emergency systems.

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